Saturday, 9 November 2013


New multi-player as well as single player is uploaded to market.

Download it from:

This is a classic puzzle game with multiplayer and Bluetooth options.

About Game:
Mouse is at the Center of a grid of holes and trying to run out of it.
Cat is trying to catch it.

Mouse can move to any neighbour hole unless the hole is blocked.
Cat can block any hole unless the Mouse is in it.

When Mouse is surrounded by blocked hole such that there is no way out, Mouse is caught and Cat wins.
When Mouse reaches at the boundary of the grid, it escapes and Mouse wins.

1. Player can choose to play as Mouse or Cat.
2. The game can be played in Single player and Multi player modes.
3. Multiplayer mode can be played on the same device or over Bluetooth.
4. In Single player mode, device will play as opponent. In multiplayer mode, two player can play against each other.
5. Game supports 10 difficulty levels in Single player mode.
6. Player gets some points on win.
7. Win early to get more points.
8. More points on higher difficulty levels.
9. Connect two devices with Bluetooth and play multiplayer game.

Bluetooth Features:
1. Play with two devices.
2. Distance depends on Bluetooth range.
3. Create game from one device and join from other device.

Will be adding more new features.

Contact developer on E-Mail:

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